DSC_5021The last time Testament was here it was at Brooklyn Bowl and they were the headliner.
But this time they were the opener for one of the Big Four as ANTHRAX was headlining on this night. This was an off night for Anthrax as they are on the final tour of Slayer as the supporting act.

Testament is a big favorite here in Vegas and seem to get better with each appearance. Fans were lined up outside BrooDSC_5145 (1)klyn Bowl well before 5pm in anticipation of getting that front row spot to be as close as possible to their heros. Testament played 13 songs this time around which is a third of what they played last time when they rocked Brooklyn Bowl with 36 songs .opening the set Testament played Brotherhood of the Snake which Chuck Billy told the packed venue that this was their best work in years. One thing you quickly notice about Chuck Billy is he constantly plays air guitar with actual pics the whole time he is onstage .He even tosses picks to the outstretched arms of the fan! This time around he even had a coaster size pick that he tossed to the fans. Testament is Eric Peterson on guitar and vocals,Chuck Billy lead vocals, Alex Skolnick on guitars / backing vocals,Gene Hoglan on drums and Steve DiGiorgio on bass and backing vocals.DSC_5138 (1) Testament ended their set with Disciples of Wrath and Over the Wall – another amazing show by the boys from San Francisco!

DSC_5294DSC_5206 (2)

Now it was time for ANTHRAX. Anthrax are a heavy metal band hailing from New York. It consists of Scott Ian on rhythm guitar and backing vocals,Charlie Benante on drums, Frank Bello on bass, Joey Belladonna on lead vocals and Jonathan Donais on lead guitar. Anthrax is a band that comes right at yoDSC_5318u and gets in your face.

Joey Belladonna is a madman running back and forth across the stage all the while teasing the fans in the front by reaching out to slap their hands only to pull back at the last second. The band sounded great and were in top form having been out on the road supporting Slayer. The band played just 12 songs on this night and opened with Among the Living followed by Caught in a Mosh. I am surprised these guys don’t play Vegas more often as this is another band the rabid fans love. Anthrax performed a Joe Jackson cover called Got the Time and later on another cover by the Trust called Antisocial. The band wrapped up their set with their classic song Indians, and with that another evening of thrash metal came to a close…Vegas needs more shows like this and the huge turnout seems to support that notion! Thanks Brooklyn Bowl!

H. Mountain

Photos: H. Mountain/ JustA Fan Concert Photograph



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