Alice Cooper fever IMG_3939took over Las Vegas when the Godfather of rock and roll returned to Sin City.  Not only did the legend have his show on August 10th, the night before was jam-packed with excitement when his son Dash Cooper headlined his CD release party for his band CO-OP at Vinyl inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Dash and his IMG_3910with band are signed with EMP Label Group which is Dave Ellefson of Megadeth’s company (Ellefson Music Productions) and the event was sponsored by Dollar Loan Center. The Red Carpet was packed with paparazzi crowding in for the best photo ops which had a steady stream of artists, musicians and celebrities. Some of the guests walking the Red Carpet and attending the spectacular event included Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), JD Scott (Property Brothers Show) and Annalee Belle (social media star), Calico Cooper, Chuck Garric, Dj Ashba (GN’R) and his beautiful wife Naty, Andrew Cushing and Trevor  this oneStafford from Adelita’s Way, Terry Ilous (Great White), Whiskey Saldana and Mercy, Dan Laudo (Prong), Lonn Friend (RIP Magazine publisher) Stoney Curtis, Barry Barnes (Count’s 77), Shon McGee, Mike Varney (Shrapnel Records) Frank Dimino (Angel), Phil Varone (he hosted the event), Cody Elliott,Tyler Lawson (Crackerman), Julie Pyle (The Morning Blend) and someone who calls himself Alice Cooper….

IMG_3888To make the event more epic, opening bands for the show were QUEENS RIOT, which consists of four female musicians who really know how to show the female genre can rock and also the ELECTRIC RADIO KINGS. The ELECTRIC RADIO KINGS were actually featured on Alice Cooper’s radio show one night while I was listening. I didn’t know who they were until Alice said they were from Las Vegas and then I made the connection that I know all the band members. Alice also commented that “I think I know Stacey Blades” who shreds on guitar in the band. I really love this band and I know that both of these bands have bright futures (put on the shades! LOL).


After I walked the Red Carpet, I went to the backroom where The Electric Radio Kings were getting ready to go onstage and I took some photos and wished them luck on their show. After coming

IMG_3897 out into the back hallway, I saw Alice Cooper with his entire family in tow on the way to the Red Carpet. I first said hello to Alice’s wife Sheryl, who is such a doll before saying hello to Alice. I have met Alice on many occasions over the years and interviewed him dozens of times. The first thing he said to me was: “Are you still driving, Sally?”


DSC00989referring to when I first met him driving a limousine before I started Vegas Rocks! Magazine. We had a good laugh and I said: “How do you remember this stuff?” to which he replied; “I always remember the important stuff.”
I walked with Alice and the family to the Red Carpet and snapped some photos with Alice with other eager fans to grab a photo with the legend. I filmed some quick video footage on my camera of the frenzy

IMG_3933 (1)on the Red Carpet with the entire Cooper clan posing for the media before heading back inside  the venue to watch the Electric Radio Kings who were killing it onstage. It was fun to see so many people I hadn’t

DSC01008 seen in so long but not so fun to see others I hadn’t wanted to see for so long LOL.  I later joined Alice backstage and invaded his privacy shooting quick video footage and taking photos. Alice’s original drummer John Speer came backstage and the two reunited after many years catching up. Dj Ashba and his wife Naty also joined Alice backstage where they talked about Dj’s album with SIXX:AM. Alice’s Management Assistant Kyler Clark was also backstage and I told him how much I admired him from watching him work with Alice and interact with fans over the years. And he has always been very kind to me. Most Celeb reps rush fans through and push them away, but Kyler is always so nice and accommodating to fans making sure they get autographs and photos with Alice. I once saw a riot of over zealous fans almost erupt in front of an elevator with the fans trying to get a photo with Alice where security was pushing them away and Kyler and


 I both agreed he has definitely seen his share of hysteria always being at Alice’s side. I don’t know how Kyler got that job but they sure got the right guy. Kyler is the best.


Soon it was time for Dash to take the stage with CO-OP and I have to say that the sound and songs with this band were stellar. It wasn’t too heavy metal but melodic with amazing power and energy. I really love this band and by looking at papa Cooper watching in the corner, he was glowing with pride. CO-OP performed until 10:15 and then it was time to head over to Count’s Vamp’d where  Alice Cooper band members were taking the stage at 10:30. Jesse Camp who had been MIA was onstage with the guys and the party was in full swing. It was great to see Danny “The Count” Koker and Korie Koker but someone was screaming at me so I made an early exit. 

So I headed back to the Hard Rock and I saw Dash and Calico heading to the parking garage. I said hello/goodbye to them and Dash looked so happy. In fact he was beaming. It occurred to me that this was a unique great night for him and his entire family and I was so happy for him. I then went to the cafeteria until a jerk who owed me money showed up. I had experienced enough drama for the night so I decided to go home before a scene from “Animal House” played out so I said goodbye to my friends for the night. All in all, I can say this was definitely a night to remember in so many ways. I have put on six national awards shows and I know it is a hard job putting events together. Thanks for inviting me!

See you next year Alice!

-Sally Steele

Photos: Paul ROCK Santos/ Sally Steele  

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