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DSJ_3617 (Under Tray)


VR: “Very happy for your success Dario! I hear you have a new CD out. Can you tell us about it?”

DL:  ”Thank you Sally!  The new album is called Death Grip Tribulations and is my second instrumental with Shrapnel Records.  Its the sheer embodiment of my songwriting and guitar playing thus far.”

VR: “How is this different from your previous CD”s?”

DL: “Death Grip Tribulations stays true to my stylistic traits as a guitar player but is a nice progression sonic-ally, melodically, and influence wise from my first (2013) self-titled album”.

VR: “Has Zakk (Wylde) heard it yet? If so what did he say about it?”

DL:  ”By the time this interview is published he will probably have heard it, but at this moment he has yet to.”

VR: “How did it come about when you joined Black Label Society?”

DL:  ”I had known Blasko who manages Zakk and BLS for some time and when the opportunity had presented itself that they were looking for another guitar player, I sent over some videos of me playing and singing some BLS and Zakk Wylde songs, from there I went out to meet with Zakk at his Black Vatican studio and on that day I found out that i’d be joining the band.”

VR: “What was your first impression of Zakk?”

DL:  ”Down to earth and big-brother like.”

VR: “Being honest, were you a little nervous about being accepted and playing with them?”

DL:  Of course, that’s a natural feeling when joining a new band/family, and especially as a guitar player alongside a player like Zakk, but I was confident in my ability and journey I had prior.”

VR: “What has been some of the most thrilling events that have happened while being with/touring with Black Label Society?”

DL:  ”My first show with them, which was at the Grove in Anaheim, CA during NAMM 2014, touring acoustically with Zakk, touring in general worldwide with BLS, opening for Guns N Roses as Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows II during their “Not in This Lifetime tour”.”

VR: “You played piano while on tour with Zakk, correct? Are there any other instruments that you play besides Guitar and Piano?”

DL: ” Yes, that was during this latest Zakk Wylde tour for his newest album Book of Shadows II.  That was a blast!  Guitar and Piano are my mains.”

VR: “Did you ever feel when you first started playing guitar that you would end up doing it professionally?

DL: ” Not right at first, but when I got in to 7th and 8th grade, then in to High School, its all I thought about, and I just thought of myself as a guitar player like some might think of themselves as a doctor or as a baseball player. I was going to make it happen one way or another.”

VR: “Were there any other fields or occupations you might have pursued if you did not make it in music?”

DL:  ”No.”

VR: “What advice do you have for other young up and coming musicians starting out in the music business?”

DL:  ”Play from your heart, practice practice practice, and never give up.”

Thank you Dario! We are all so proud of you here in Vegas so keep up the great work!

- Sally Steele

Dario Lorina Photos: Dustin Jack Photography