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When Alex Grossi isn’t rockin’ out with QUIET RIOT he is blazing his axe with HOOKERS & BLOW!

HOOKERS & BLOW will be opening up for THE DEAD DAISIES September 12th at the Fremont Country Club so I wanted to catch up with Alex with a quick Q&A!


-Sally Steele

VR: “Hi Alex! Nice to talk with you again .How long have you been with Hooker’s & Blow”?

 Alex: “Hi guys! –  HOOKERS & BLOW have now officially been together since 2003”. 

VR: “How did it all come about with you and Dizzy Reed to join the band?”

 Alex: “I met Dizzy at a place called the “Cat Club” while jamming with Joe Leste’s cover band that he was doing called “The Vagabonds”, at the same time I had just started working with Joe in Beautiful Creatures and Bang Tango…..Dizzy ended up coming down to the studio and adding Piano and organ to a few tracks and we decided to do some cover gigs, which eventually morphed into HOOKERS & BLOW.”

VR: “Who is in the current line-up?”

Alex: “There have been MANY incarnations of Hookers & Blow. We are going on 5 years with the legendary Johnny Kelly from TYPE O NEGATIVE and DANZIG on drums, and currently have Robbie Crane out on bass from BLACK STAR RIDERS. 

VR: “Are you still playing with Quiet Riot?”

Alex: “Yes, I am very much looking forward to our upcoming fall tour dates, and 2019 is already filling up!” 

VR: “Awesome! Tell my buddy Frankie Banali I said hello! How is playing with Hooker’s and Blow different than other groups you play with?”

 Alex: “Other than QUIET RIOT, I don’t really perform with anyone else … HNB is just a super fun side project that we all enjoy doing when we all can.” 

VR: “For people who have never heard the band or seen you live- how would you describe the band?”

Alex: “HOOKERS & BLOW has always been more of a concept than a “band” per se… Lol “

VR: “How is it going opening up with The Dead Daises? Any interesting stories you can share?”

Alex: “The Dead Daisies have been GREAT to us, and we are all having a lot of fun out here – sometimes too much! – Stories? – I am pretty sure by the time we hit Vegas in a couple of weeks we will be able to fill a f*&king Barnes And Noble !”

VR: “What would you like people to know most about the band?

Alex: “We sell shirts! “

So there you have it folks, don’t miss all the excitement when HOOKERS & BLOW open up for THE DEAD DAISIES September 12th!

See you there!

Sally Steele

Get your tickets here!







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