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By Sally Steele


Vegas Rocks: “Sally Steele here. Backstage at soundcheck with the ultimate, earth shattering, Kingdom Come. How ya doin guys?”
Kingdom Come: “We’re doing great. Great, great, great. Rock ‘n Roll”
VR: “Introduce yourselves”
KC: “I’m James Kottak, drummer. Rick Steiers, guitars. Keith St John, vocalist. Danny Stag. I play guitar. JB Frank, bass player.”
VR: “This is really exciting because we are backstage at Count’s Vamp’d. Now how did all of this come about?
JK: “We’ve been talkin about this since 2008 actually. And then the Scorpions were saying fair well. We got together in 2013. But, unfortunately, we had to put it on the back burner because Scorpions said no fair well. Another album tour. But we finally got it together this year. As you know, or don’t know Lenny (Lenny Wolf – Vocals and Guitar (1988-2016) retired. So, we wish him well. He wishes us well. We brought in our secret weapon, Keith St John. He sang with Montrose, Lynch Mob and everybody. And we are just ecstatic to be out here. It’s takin so much effort. We have been workin full time. Since January, February to get here.
VR: “Well that’s about it. Thanks guys. (laughing) What’s it like working with these characters?”
RS: “These clowns? It’s like old friends you don’t talk to that often. But when you do, when you reconnect with them, it’s like oh and we picked up right where we left off. It’s awesome that way. What I love is we’ve become better players over the years. A lot of these bands, they get worse. So, we’ve become better players and we’ve gotten a little older, but we still got the vibe going on. We’re not…voo, voo, voom.”
JK: “We all have our girlish figures”
RS: “So we all still have the stage vibe going on. You can feel it while we’re playin.”
VR: “Now were you all friends you kept in contact with throughout the years?”
DS: “We’ve always hated each other really. (laughter). No, really, we didn’t stay in touch but like Rick said, it’s like family. We’re like brothers”.
VR: “You back there, what have you been doin all of these years?”
JBF: “We’re like a band of brothers. Healing people, with music, all over the world”
VR: “So there weren’t any other formations before this formation of Kingdom Come?”
RS: “No this is it”.
JK: “Except when Keith came in it fit like a glove. We have known each other for 30 years. Actually, we wanted Keith back in Rick and I’s band, Wild Horses, back in ‘91. I got out voted and we had to get someone else. Keith was my guy and it just didn’t work out. So, I followed Keith over the years. He’s just phenomenal. Kingdom Come is a really tall order to do vocals on this material. He is nailing it and we couldn’t be happier.”
VR: “We all follow Keith. He’s so handsome and good looking. The rock star himself. What is the main thing you would like everyone to know about Kingdom Come?
JK: “Myself, we are here to celebrate the release of our debut album which came out in 1988. It sold like crazy. We were so excited. We are playing that album. And then we have some tracks from the second album “In Your Face” we’re excited to play. Maybe a couple of surprises. A little this and that. But we are here to reconnect with people like yourself, Sally, and radio, and internet and interweb or anyone else. Most importantly our friends, family and fans across the country. We’re doing 16 states, 22 shows, I think. And really going to feel a vibe you can’t do sitting in LA. You have to get out here. Mix with the people. Talk to everyone. So we can plan out 2019 and beyond.
VR: “And It’s the 30th anniversary tour. So this is your third stop. You played Whisky a Go Go a couple nights ago?
KSJ: “It’s like stop 5. Getting there. Seattle, Vancouver, Washington, Sacramento, Whisky, then here.
RS: “All back to back”
KSJ: “Like bam…bam”
VR: “Where are you headed after this? Las Vegas?”
KSJ: “Ramona, California”
JK: “Then Scottsdale, across the country.”
DS: “We could have called this The Eternal Gratitude Tour. We’re so grateful to fans. We wouldn’t be standing here if it wasn’t for you out there (points finger to camera). We really mean that. We love you.”
VR: “Silent handsome man in the back, Franky. What is your favorite part of the tour so far?”
JBF: “Favorite part of the tour for me that these guys went along with. I said if you want me to play bass we have to play in A432 the divine frequency. So, we’ve retuned, and we are creating sacred symmetry in the water in people’s body now. It is awesome”
VR: “A little above my head now. But the amp go to 11?”
DS: “You can go back and play it later and it will all make sense.”
RS: “Backwards”
KSJ: “In all seriousness Sally, these guys are like a band I have never been in before. These guys are like a family. They walked in a first day in rehearsal. First all they didn’t have to rehearse. They knew the songs like they were still playing together. But second of all, where we first met, one night at a sushi joint, and everyone was together, you could feel this immediate friendship. Like a rock ‘n roll band family. Like you first did when you had your first band. With your friends in high school. Felt just like that. I was like “wow that still exist”. “
VR: “Come on. You’ll be fighting by the end of the tour. It’s rock ‘n roll. Just kidding. We’re so excited and I got my darling James here. So glad you are back in Vegas.”
JK: “Yeah”
VR: “Good luck tonight guys. We’ll a be rockin with ya.

- Sally Steele

James Kottak – Drums (1988-1989, 2018)
Danny Stag – Lead Guitar (1988-1989, 2018)
Rick Steier – Guitar (1988-1989, 2018)
JB Frank – Bass (1988-1989, 2018)
Keith St. John – Vocals (2018)

Video Interview here:

Transcribed by Alzi Clanton