NAMM 2018!

NAMM 2018!I didn’t know I was going to NAMM 2018 until the last minute. I had been trying for months to make it out to California for meetings regarding my film and as it turned out, I was able to arrange everything  the same week as NAMM. My gal pal Valerie Rosdahl helped me grab a pass and we were off!

Thursday night saw Brian Tichy and Joe Sutton’s BONZO BASH kicking a** at the Yost in Santa Ana with an All-Star line-up including Jeff Pilson, Glen Sobel ,Matt Starr, Mike Terrana Brian Tichy Phil Varone Karl Wilcox, Ray Luzier and many others accompanied by house band THE MOBY DICKS with Chas West ,Doug Aldrich, Phil Soussan Steve Ferlazzo and the amazing Brian Tichy of course!

Friday had mDSC00498e at Dick Clark Productions regarding my film “Raised on Rock – The Burnette Family Legacy” before heading back down to Anaheim to catch NAMM action. Z Maddox was rockin out at the Stone Tone Booth drawing a crowd and Albert Lee and Steve Morse were signing autographs for eager fans at the Ernie Ball booth.

Later that night it was back to the Yost for Randy Rhoads Remembered continuing with another All-Star Line-Up with Rudy Sarzo, Roy Z, Mark Zavon, Christian Brady and so many more for an unforgettable night!

Saturday NAMM action was in full swing starting at noon with a full star autograph signing at the SIT booth. Rockin’ Val was there to see her longtime pal Tommy Henriksen (The coolest dude on the planet!) as I paraded down the line announcing it was my first NAMM and I was an autograph collector starting a collection. I was busted by Dave Ellefson at the end of the session (I have attended  NAMM for 14 continuous years) before bumping into Mark “The Animal” Mendoza from TWISTED SISTER. Me and Val then ran into Travis Dillingham and IDSFA members and Val and them talked so long I went to a booth and sat on a stool with my hurting feet. Then a girl said: “We were here first ”. To which I said: “For this stool?”, “No, for Dweezil Zappa”, she said. “Oh cool, now theDSC00528re’s someone I have never met who was worth seeing I thought. So when Dweezil came to the booth I got up and went over for a photo and a brief interview. He was by far one of the sweetest men I have ever met and so adorable! I found it impossible to walk more than a few steps with Val as she would spend 40 minutes in a conversation with people in a booth so Travis and I headed over to see Alice Cooper in the Shure Booth. On the way there, I filmed playing instruments in the booths (and getting in trouble) before I ran into Tony Franklin on the way and saw DOYLE from the MISFITS heading the same direction. George Clinton was coming down the Shure booth stair


s creating a commotion and the line was wrapped around the booth with what must have been 400 fans waiting to meet Alice. I sat down and watched the chaos in full swing and it was clear Alice Cooper’s signing was the biggest attraction of the day. After Alice was done with his meet and greet, his sweet assistant Kyle allowed me to slip past the ropes for a quick photo. I have met and interviewed Alice dozens of times but one more photo can’t hurt to close out the NAMM experience! I filmed Alice leaving the booth surrounded by security with dozens of fans in pursuit. I had just shut off my camera as Alice was getting in the elevator and a near riot ensued with fans pushing and begging for a photo with defiant security. Alice posed with a few before the elevator doors closed on the sad fans who did not win their mission of a photo with tDSC00531heir idol.

Saturday night was buzzing with activity. I headed down to the Observatory for Keith St. John’s “Ronnie Montrose Remembered” event.  This would be without a doubt, one of my most favorite events. Ronnie made sure I had meet and greet passes and when I poked my head backstage to wave at my hero James Kottak, Eddie Trunk said “Hi Sally!” and then the stage manager Charlie acknowledged me before the famous “Dugie” came over to wrap an All Access around my wrist. Thanks guys! Jack Russell’s Great White, Frank Hannon, Dave Ellefson, and so many more set the stage on fire and I look forward to this event next year! Then it was on to the Hilton for all the shows and the never ending party in the lobby to close out NAMM 2018.

Many thanks to Tommy Henriksen ,Rockin Val and Al Bane for such a great weekend! Be sure to watch all the excitement on VEGASROCKSTV.COM!

Sally Steele

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