There are certain shows in my life that are more special than others. And The Killers concert the night of August 26th 2022 was definitely one of them!

I am so glad that Juliette Kost of the Oriel contacted me and invited me to review the Killers for that night. It had been so long since I have seen Brandon Flowers and the boys in action and it was beyond spectacular in so many ways!

To Begin with I remembered that Brandon promised me a photo with him after he couldn’t stop for a photo back in 2011. So I contacted Mega-Manager Robert Reynolds and asked if I could come backstage before the show for a photo with Brandon. To my surprise he got right back with me and said text him when I get to the venue! Really? How cool!

So when I arrived at 6:30pm I texted Robert. After me and my daughter found our great seats Juliette had given us, I looked at my phone and saw that Robert said meet him at 7:20 at the side of the stage. Wow! This is really going to happen! After much suspense and Mission Impossible with me and Robert trying to connect he finally found us and ushered us through the crowd backstage. I saw Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci and said hello on my way to Brandon’s dressing room as he yelled out: “Hey you owe me money!” as his friends laughed. I played along with “Well, let me see what I got in my pockets….”. As we were waiting outside Brandon’s dressing room door, Robert explained to me that they have been keeping Brandon in a “bubble” away from everyone for Covid precautions the entire tour – which I understood- and that I was the ONLY one allowed to come backstage to see him. That made me feel really important that Brandon really wanted to see me! So as Rob Loud The Killer’s professional photographer came running down the hall to capture the moment, we went in to see Mr. Flowers himself. I hugged Brandon and got some quick photos.

Photo by Rob Loud

Then I asked Brandon if he wouldn’t mind saying a few quick words on my phone to thank his fans for coming out. Brandon said he is bad at that kind of thing and asked if I would get in the video with him which I did. We said goodbye and Robert told me as we were walking away that with this being their “homecoming show” in Las Vegas  that people might be upset if I post the photos since they were all told no they couldn’t come backstage. And also the fact there were no interviews allowed this tour. Oh no! There I go again breaking all the rules! But I told Robert just to tell people the truth: Brandon gave me a verbal contract years ago to come back and get a photo with him. To which Robert said: “That is what I will tell them. And you know what Sally, You’ve earned it. Just keep doing what you are doing.” Wow – I was all choked up with those kind words from Mr. Reynolds. How nice of him to say such kind things to me!

Another great thing that night was my daughter was with me. She had never seen the Killers in concert. After all, she was the one who turned me on to the Killers when she begged me for “Hot Fuss” that put The Killers on the map. I was a huge fan from then on. She was also with me when she made me take her out of middle school for the day to head over to interview Brandon for the first time in 2005. Since then, I had watched the Killers conquer the world. And I had watched Brandon go from a shy young boy in 2005 to a confident superstar! And nothing was more evident to witness a superstar in action than on the night of August 26th!

From the first notes of “My Own Soul’s Warning” that opened the show that brought the thousands of fans to their feet, there was no slowing down from that moment to the end of the two hour show. Brandon was on fire with electric energy that reached every person in the arena no matter how far away they were. Brandon went on to say during the show: “We have all been in isolation for so long but now we are here all together! And this is a super-spreader event! Spreading Peace Love and Rock and Roll!” Well said Brandon! And with that being said, it made me realize how different this concert was over many others. Some metal shows I go to, everyone is angry and shoving into you and the concert goers are mean and drunk.  But this show had the coolest people ever. Everyone was friendly, kind and it felt like we were all one. Brandon had brought the best people in Las Vegas together for one night.

After this show, I don’t really want to go to anymore heavy metal shows. I am drawn to light and inspiration as opposed to darkness and anger.

Brandon and the boys gave the crowd what they wanted playing all their hits we all craved to hear: “Somebody Told Me”, “Mr. Brighside” “Human” and my favorite “With All These Things I’ve Done.”

Dave Keuning was as strong as ever on guitar and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. held down the beat exclaiming at the end of the show: “I have the greatest job in the world!” Brandon also mentioned during the show: “It used to be that entertainers came to Las Vegas to die… but we have something to say about that!” And with that the screens filled with Las Vegas sign and landmarks as the guys fired off hit after hit. Brandon also talked about how much he loved Vegas and has a necklace in the shape of the state of Las Vegas that he never takes off.

I can’t say enough about Brandon and his amazing talent and creativity to write and perform some of the most incredible music in the world. But if you ever go to a Killer’s concert and see Brandon you will agree with me! And for me, that is a night I will never forget!

If you want to see highlights of the show and Brandon backstage and an interview check it out here on my youtube page at this link!

Sally Steele

Special thanks:

Juliette Kost

Robert Reynolds

Brandon Flowers.

Concert/ All Photos: Rob Loud




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