For anyone who thinks for a moment Bret Michaels is not a superstar talent at the top of his game – they have never attended any his concerts. Forget this was Bret Michaels 61st Birthday weekend celebration in Vegas! Because on March 16th I was an eye witness to  a spectacular show by an entertainer who came onstage like a rocket blasting off with all the energy of a 21 year old!Bret came running onstage shaking hands and bumping fists to “Talk Dirty To Me” continuing on to making it a triple three treat for me with all my favorite Poison songs all in a row continuing with “Ride The Wind” and “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Bret grabbed a harmonica and played his hit “Your Mama Don’t Dance” and the hits just kept coming to the receptive frenzy of his fans.This was my first time to “The Theatre’ at the Virgin Hotel. I wasn’t sure where it was in the hotel since they took over the Hard Rock Hotel. I thought it would be a small venue but it turned out to be where “The Joint” was. I was shocked Bret Michaels would headline such a huge venue but it looked sold out from what I could see! Way to go Bret! The band was on fire and I couldn’t help but wonder if they were in a contest who could jump the highest because along with Bret they certainly loved leaping in the air! With all the energy onstage it was an absolutely amazing show!And Bret brought in all the local celebs which I could see in the shadows on the side of the stage when I was taking photos in the front row which included Eddie Trunk and Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars who introduced Bret, Danny Koker and Stoney Curtis, Bruce Kulick, Murray Sawchuck and Dani Elizabeth. Danny Koker and Rick Harrison joined Bret onstage near the end of the show to sing back up on “Sweet Home Alabama” for the finale which was really cool!And I was lucky I got to go to the show because I did not know that I was approved to attend until the last minute. I hadn’t heard back from Bret’s manager Janna yet but I did hear back from Pete Evick the night before and he told me to text him. I emailed Pete back but he sent me a wrong number to text him (he said he didn’t have his glasses on LOL). My phone beeped at 5:21pm the night of the show. It was kind of funny because I was with my boyfriend who saw me go grab my phone and start texting up a storm and he asked what was going on. I felt like I was on an episode on “Rock of Love” as I answered: “Nothing honey, it’s Bret.” LOL. Pete got me set for three tickets so we got dressed quickly and headed over to the venue. I went to the table set up near the box office for my pass and gave them my name: “Oh yes, Sally we were just talking about you.” Then I went to pick up my tickets at the box office and there was only one ticket. So I went back to the table and they called out to Janna Elias, Bret’s Manager and she rushed right over and gave me the other tickets. I have never met Janna in person but she  was so nice and apologized and said she was so sorry she hadn’t gotten back to me in time. I reminded her I requested to attend the Meet and Greet and the line was just going in so she ushered me right up to the end of the line just in time. Janna is such a doll and she told me: “We will always take care of you Sally.” And she made sure I had her cell number. Thank you Janna! I also met some of Bret’s band while waiting in the Meet and Greet line including Dean Cramer, who I recognize but not sure from where. I got to talk to Pete Evick to thank him for getting back to me to attend the show.  Bret certainly has a great team around him!Thank you Janna and Pete for your assistance to include me to attend this great concert!So to all the “Naysayers” who dispute Bret’s talent and popularity – you are SERIOUSLY misinformed!

I am looking forward to Bret returning to Las Vegas! Come on back Bret! We love you here in Vegas!

-Sally Steele

Photos: Sally Steele

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