It is always a thrill when the Queen of Rock returns to Sin City!

I hadn’t spoke to Lita in quite some time and I was really looking forward to her show and catching up!

Before the show I watched backstage how people would react to being with her and taking photos. It was obvious they knew they were in Rock Royalty presence big time. After they took photos with her they were all happy and looking how they came out. All the photos I took with Lita over so many years are never taken for granted by me that is for sure. I cherish the deep conversations we have had and I have always defended her if I ever heard a bad word against her.

When Lita hit the stage in her skin tight red and black leather jumpsuit the Golden Nugget showroom went crazy. Her leather outfit reminded me of early Suzi Quatro and fit her so good it was like it was painted on! Lita joked she was wearing leather in Vegas in 114 degree heat. I’m surprised she didn’t pass out from heat stroke – But that’s rock and roll folks! Nonetheless the heat did not slow her down. She ripped the songs apart with her guitar and spot on vocals for the full hour show. Cherry Bomb from her early Runaway days was a hit and when she did “Back to the Cave” and mentioned Lemmy Kilmister it reminded me of how much I missed him and how she told me about her party weekend she spent with Lemmy to write the song.

Lita has so much personality and really blends well with the chemistry she has with her bandmates. Bobby Rock seems to never slow down hitting those skins! Man is he in shape!

Michael T. Ross joined Lita on keys for “Kiss Me Deadly” and I was filming it live on Facebook and Lita kept smiling at me. She is such a doll. I hate to talk bad about anyone and I am a really big Joan Jett fan. But I saw the Stadium Tour with Joan right after Lita’s show and I was really let down with Joan’s show. She stood way back with her band and had no interaction or connection with the audience like Lita had. Maybe she was just tired or having a bad day. Hard to say, but the way Lita shined that night at the Golden Nugget it was like SHE was playing to a stadium crowd!

It was so great to catch up after the show with Lita. I have really missed her. Please come back soon to Vegas Lita!

And don’t forget about promising me an interview! I know you are getting some killer songs together as always!

Sally Steele

Photos: Sally Steele



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