There are a few bands that have stood the test of time. But even with standing the test of time, it is seldom the artists maintain their energy, stamina, original members and still love what they do.      Night Ranger fits that mold. Not only are they 35 years plus “Rockin’ America”, they do it in style and are at the top of their game.When Jack Blades, Kelly Keagy, Brad Gillis, Keri Kelli and Eric Levy take the stage, you know you are in for a powerful energy-driven show. Jack Blades leads the band to a energetic musical climax with hit after hit with the crowd begging for more. Brad Gillis has played with Ozzy and an endless list of “greats” in his musical journey where he brings his amazing skills into the fold. Not only is Kelly Keagy a great drummer who sings like a songbird to “Sister Christian” but he holds the band together with a strong beat. There is a point in the show where the entire band gather around Kelly to beat on his drums. At this particular show Keri Kelli wore a gorilla mask for his role to pound on the drums. It was awesome! Keri Kelli was the latest addition to this unit and they could not have chosen a better man for the job. Keri has the energy of a 21 year-old , the talent of Steve Vai and the looks of Rock’s Rick Springfield meets Nikki Sixx.I was running late to the meet and greet the day of the show. I emailed my request the day before and when I woke up at 2pm the next day I was told to be at the venue at 3:30. Time to throw on some clothes and make-up and hit the road really fast! It was great to see the guys for the sound check and I ran into Adam Steck. He produced the show and he handed me an All Access pass which was really nice of him. During the line-up for photos, there was a girl who had to be peeled off of Keri Kelli’s neck by their tour manager Ed Ripepi. She was just not going to let go! They are lucky to have Ed. He does a good job keeping everyone in line – including the crazed fans!So many celebs and special guests filled the Strat’s showroom. Stoney Curtis, Blas Elias, Barry Barnes, Chuck Brennan, Eric Singer Lark Williams, Lonn Friend, Video Bob and so many more.Stephen Pearcy opened the show and I really liked how when they performed the best of RATT’s hits, original videos played on the screens along with the band. It’s always good to see Stephen in action. Adam took me back to say hello to Stephen. I haven’t seen Stephen much since he appeared at my last two Vegas Rocks Awards.After Night Ranger completed their incredible show bringing the audience to a frenzy, I was backstage with my friend Anna. She had just bought me a Night Ranger tee shirt. I was eating a pickle off of the food tray when Adam Steck came in on the way to the elevator. He invited us up to go see the guys. We went to a big room that had great pizza amd some of the guys in the band came in along with Jason Green and some of Stephen Pearcy’s band. After stuffing myself with the pizza we were on our way back down to the lobby and Anna stopped into the Restroom. I watched Dr. Rock in the lounge where the singer recognized me and kept waiving at me. They sounded great. While waiting there for Anna, I ran into my partner-in-crime from L.A. Gerry Gittleson. He was on his way to the View Lounge where the party was in action with Keri Kelli. I headed over there with Gerry and found a crowd of cool folks and friends who hung out until I left at 2 a.m.  What a day! What a night! What a show!

It’s always an adventure in my life here in Sin City!

I look forward to the next time when Adam Steck brings our boys back to town! Great job Adam and everyone!

Sally Steele


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