The frontman legend of Motley Crue rocked the The Cannery this past July 4th weekend with another spectacular show! The venue was packed as Vince, Dana, Blando and Zoltan gave the crowd what they came to see! My favorite in the set as always was “Wildside” and I always start jumping and singing. When Vince sang “Don’t Go Away Mad” , I commented to my pal Michelle Griffith on how I loved that video and how hot Vince looked in it as well as Tommy and Nikki with their heads shaved on the sides. Motley Crue was always the main trendsetter back in those days and the coolest guys on the planet. I also remember that song playing on the radio and cruising around spying on my drummer who was cheating on me with another band. Remember Kyle? LOL.

It was also great to catch up that night and see Vince’s gorgeous gal Rain Hannah backstage as well as all the other beautiful band members wives and say hello.

It really bothers me how haters and jealous idiots criticize Vince for how he looks, or his voice and this and that. Since Nikki Sixx is married and just doing conferences on opiods and Tommy Lee is married and having sex on airplanes and fighting with his son and Mick Mars is nowhere to be found, Vince is keeping the songs of Motley Crue alive! So THANK YOU VINCE! Some of us really appreciate you! And with Vince doing these shows it is also about the priceless experiences of the event and bringing friends and new people together for great memories… and that’s where my OWN personal experience also comes in…

The evening started off with me being stressed out and really late picking up gal pal Val on the way to the show driving 100 MPH. I had no time to do my make-up or nails so I handed Val my nail polish on the hand I couldn’t do while holding the steering wheel and the entire bottle spilled all over my seat and her jeans!

I arrived at the venue and met up with Cannery’s Sean Ryan who came out to greet me and told me the meet and greet with Vince was starting soon and to just go in and wait and get my seat. As I was walking in, I noticed a cute young guy with a cool Motley Crue shirt on and nice boots. I went in and found my seat which I sat in for three seconds and then left because I didn’t like it. Those who know me, know I never sit in the seat I am assigned to on my ticket. So there were all these empty seats closer to the stage so I went up close to the stage and sat in one. Then the cute guy I saw walking into the venue came up to me and said: “I’m sorry but you are sitting in my seat.” And that is where I met “Mike”. Mike had flown in
from Colorado just to see Vince Neil. He seemed like such a nice guy I asked him if he wanted to go back with me to meet Vince Neil. His eyes lit up and he said that would be the greatest thing to ever happen to him. So with that I took him and Val and went in to the meet and greet to say hi to Vince. Mike was blown away and couldn’t believe he just met his idol and favorite Motley Crue band member. Sometime during the show Mike put his arm around me and said: “Do you want to meet my mom?” So I said “Sure.” But what he really said was “Do you want to BE my mom?” How is that for an ego deflate?!? LOL. At the end of the show I offered to drop Mike off at the Luxor Hotel before taking Val home. Before long it was like I had TWO kids in the backseat with Val and Mike yelling at the top of their lungs at each other before I told everyone we were going to eat at Denny’s as the premiere late night stop. So Mike said “I Love you!” as that also turned out to be one of his fav eateries. Without going into details as more beers were consumed by Mike, the show at the booth at Denny’s started while Val caught some of it on her cell which I might have to drop in the pool the next time she isn’t looking. Then I dropped Mike and Val off. The next night Mike and I headed down to Fremont to see the live bands. We had such a great time. Mike starts dancing this original dance with steps that looks like a mix between Axl Rose and Jed Clampett from the Beverly Hillbilly’s. I was laughing my head off as he twirled me around like we were in a hoedown in the middle of Fremont Street as Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” blasted from the stage. Then we had to retrace our steps to find his cell phone as five security guys surrounded him. Mike is without a doubt the most entertaining guy to hang out with I have ever known. It turns out we had EVERYTHING in common. His favorite band is Motley Crue, McDonalds is his favorite restaurant and he’s a republican. So what is the problem you ask? I seem to have everything in common with someone half my age! No wonder I am single! LOL.

So thank you to Vince Neil for the spectacular weekend and special thanks to Marty Giovi, Sean Ryan, Peter Smith, Alexander Perico and all the amazing Cannery staff! And thank you Steve Spatafore for the amazing photos! See you at the next great event at The Club at The Cannery!

Sally Steele

Photos: Steve Spatafore

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