The Royal Affair tour featuring a who’s who of Prog Rock – YES, ASIA, JOHN LODGE and CARL PALMER’S ELP legacy took center stage at the Joint July 26th. WHAT A SHOW!  Starting the legendary show was Carl Palmers ELP legacy with Carl on drums, on vocals the iconic Arthur Brown from the “Crazy World of Arthur” (which Carl explained to the crowd that he  toured the world in that band at the tender age of 18 years old ), on bass was David Pastorius, on guitar was Paul Bielatowicz. The show was too short for me. It ran about 30mins with classic ELP songs along with Arthur Browns song fire (“I Want You to Burn” ) and  Arthur with his outlandish stage presence demanding the crowd’s attention while the back screen behind Carl played the legacy that was ELP .

Their set finished with “Fanfare For the Common Man “. Truly amazing. The roadies then came out to set up for Moody Blues bassist John Lodge. It was like a Moody Blues show! With such Moody songs like  “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band” and other the hits you would want to see the Moody Blues do including  like “Ride My See Saw”and “Gemini Dream” with an All Star line-up with John on bass, Duffy King on guitar ,Jason Charboneau on cello & guitar , Billy Ashbaugh on drums and on the keys was virtuoso Alan Hewitt.

 IMG_6558IMG_6869Next was Asia with Carl Palmer on drums, Jeffrey Downes aka “Master of Keys on keyboards” Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal on vocals and guitar ( yes I said vocals he is quite the singer! ) When one hears the name “Bumblefoot” they think of his time with “Guns N’ Roses”. But Ron is also known for his solo career and known as “the guitarist” and bassist great Billy Sherwood ( what a band! ). Ron did all vocals for classics like “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, “Go”  and The Buggles hit, and Jeffrey Downes doing the last Buggles hit song “Video Killed The Radio Star “.  Then Steve Howe from Yes came out and  joined them doing “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” as Asia closed their set with “Heat of the Moment”. Truly classic rock royalty with this show!

Then YES hit the stage after a 20 minute intermission. With Billy Sherwood on bass, Geoff Downes on keyboards, Steve Howe on guitar , vocals was Jon Davidson and on drums was Vegas’ own hero from “Raiding The Rock Vault”,  Jay Schellen! Way to go Jay!   Alan White also made an appearance with a few classic YES songs including “Roundabout”.  When you think of “Prog Rock” one will always think of “YES”. And with some of the greatest musicians to ever hit the stage altogether this night was truly an unforgettable  “Royal Affair”! Classic rock royalty with this show folks!

Paul ROCK Santos

Photos: Paul ROCK Santos


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