I have a new favorite band! Ever since THE WILD THINGS came to Vegas!

This amazing power packed pop rock band opened for the Who November 4th and 5th and they blew me away!

When Sydney Rae White strutted onstage in her red jumpsuit with her axe around her neck I knew I was in store for something special. I had a flashback of Suzi Quatro with her bass guitar on her shoulder in her black leather jumpsuit. Sydney had style. She sang her heart out and I really loved her interaction with her husband/ guitarist onstage Rob Kendrick. They were so playful and affectionate on stage!. Her and her husband met while on the set as performers in the musical Quadrophenia in London, where they were also introduced to the show’s creator, Pete Townshend. Pete knew great talent when he saw them and took them under his wing. Their album  features Pete playing 12-string guitar on the new track, as well as adding other signature instrumentation, vocals, and production on a couple of key songs. And hey they got to  open up for The Who for two nights in Vegas! They also opened up for the Who at Royal Albert Hall and Madison Square Garden earlier this year!

The band is a family affair foursome with Sydney on lead vocals, Rob on guitar, Cameron White (Sydney’s brother) on bass, and Pete Wheeler on drums.

The two nights in Vegas featured opening up with “Loaded Gun” and then “Only Attraction” which Pete Townshend co-produced along with Cam White, Wild Things bassist.

When they got to “Heaven Knows” Sydney put her guitar aside and fronted the band with all the power of any front-woman at the top of the charts. She sang her heart out and I was really impressed how theatrical she was. I guess being a stage performer in “Quadrophenia” really came in handy and prepared her for future greatness! Her vocals can match the best of any top singer out there as far as I’m concerned. The band closed with “Drunk Again”, which was also well –received by the audience along with all the other top notch tunes the band dished out.

It is really hard to open up for a legendary band like The Who but The Wild Things pulled it off effortlessly and knocked it out of the park! Not only are they musically talented but Rob and Sydney are truly lovely in person as well.  Rob and Sydney have dual careers as actors too.Sydney is the star of the Netflix/BBC show “Uncle” and is currently in the Amazon Prime horror film “They Talk”. Rob most recently can be seen in the Netflix hit show “Bridgerton”. Which would explain why these two have so much personality onstage.

I was lucky enough to have a chance to sit down with them before their second show in Vegas. The interview will be up soon on my Sally Steele Rocks! Show ( so be sure and check it out!

And keep your eyes and ears open for the bands new Album “Afterglow”! you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you Penny Guyon of Firefly Media for inviting me to see this amazing band!

Sally Steele

Photos: Sally Steele

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