Weezer took over the BAKKT theatre inside the Planet Hollywood last weekend and turned out to be one of my most favorite shows of this year! Juliette Kost from The Oriel Company reached out to me to  review the show and since she always send me some jewels of concerts to see I agreed right away!

It was going to be perfect because my daughter really wanted to go and had never seen Weezer in concert before and neither had I. I always loved their song “Buddy Holly” and they always seemed so cool. But as September 1st approached my daughter had to work so I took my boyfriend. We went out to dinner before the show at Planet Hollywood and were pretty dressed up. We entered the venue and seeing how casual the concert-goers were I couldn’t help but wonder if the other fans were thinking and wondering whose parents we were!

My tastes in music have seemed to have changed drastically and I just don’t like going to metal shows anymore because everyone is angry and shoving people So I was very comfortable with this crowd everyone was cool and laid back and I loved the pleasant atmosphere.

The guys hit the stage behind a giant dashboard of a car symbolizing their roadtrip through their two decades of music with “My Name is Jonas”. The next song was “Beverly Hills” which brought me to my feet to sing along to.

I found myself dancing along to so many songs I have forgotten about that they have released over the years that brought back great memories from their fifteen studio albums.  What also made this show enjoyable was the harmonies between all the band members that made it sort of Beatle-Esqe. The harmonies and how well they blended were even more featured acoustically with the songs “Jamie” and “Susanne.”

What made these two songs especially interesting was that they were written for women in the industry.  Rivers Cuomo explained during the concert: “Susanne was in the office and always took our calls. It was when Whitesnake and Guns N’ Roses ruled the scene but she always treated us nice.”

“….Susanne, you’re all that I wantedWhen I left you I was all aloneCold and hungry cryin’ on the phoneYou baked me brownies andSaid “don’t you cry”And gave me the coat off your backEven Izzy, Slash and Axl RoseWhen I call you put them all on holdAnd say to me you’d do anythingAnd all I can do is say thatI haven’t much I can give you in returnOnly my heart and a promise not to turnBut I’ll sing to you everyDay and every night Susanne, I’m your man.”….

Wow! No wonder they got signed! If someone wrote me a song like that I would have married them! And the song “Jamie” they wrote for their attorney!  

“….Jamie, Jamie
I’m so glad you’re mine
We’ll be together a long time

You’ve got the Beach Boys, your firm’s got the Stones
But I know, you won’t leave me alone
Sometimes it seems, you’re not with me
It hurts me so much, it hurts me so much
You are the most, you’re so rad, you’re so fresh
And I’m so glad
I am yours, you are mine
Show me where and I will sign
When I was down, you came to me
And promised you’d always be
By my side, now you’re gone
And I’m waiting, waiting

Jamie, believe me
I won’t let you down (won’t let you down)
‘Cause you are the best lawyer in town…”


No wonder they got a record deal! But Rivers said they were turned down by every record label there was except Geffen but that was all they needed.” And speaking of Geffen Records Rivers came up with the song “Pork and Beans” in a label meeting with the record company which urged the band to come up with more commercial material. The song is great and I guess inspired some of the lyrics “Timberlake knows the way to the top of the charts…maybe if I work with him I can perfect the art…” And if you get a chance to watch the video it is hilarious!

“Island in the Sun” brought me to my feet once again to sway with this hit song that I had completely forgotten about. I love the video of this song too with animals so check that one out too! “Hashpipe” and “Say it isn’t So” rocked the crowd and showed off their rock roots.

The encore featured “Buddy Holly” which gave me a chance to jump around and dance in the aisle along with other fans. And I also love that Rivers wears Buddy Holly style glasses. He is so unique and I just love this band!

Thank you again Juliette Kost for the review tickets! I enjoyed this show so much I would love to see them again!

Sally Steele


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