LAS RAGEOUS 2017 IN VEGAS!  The first annual Las Rageous two day musical festival took place April 21 and 22 at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center and adjacent streets and lured a packed crowd to the downtown area. By all accounts, this first of a kind festival in downtown Las Vegas has been described as nothing but an overwhelming success with larger than expected crowd size and little to know problems reported. Las Rageous delivered a broad array of musical acts, with a daily big name headliner and several show stealers.Friday’s musical acts were headlined by radio rockers GODSMACK, but leading up to that there were some show stealing performances from thrashers ANTHRAX and COHEED & CAMBRIA. Headliners GODSMACK gave their usual impressive set complete with fire, pyrotechnics, and an incredible dueling drum battle, but may be most remembered for Dana White from the UFC donating $10,000.00 to a charity of GODSMACK’S choice if they would play “Rocky Mountain Way” after the set had ended. GODSMACK received the much deserved headlines, but many who had not seen COHEED & CAMBRIA before left the festival still talking about the incredible performance and amazing vocals they had witnessed.

Saturday had two huge co-headlining acts in BREAKING BENJAMIN and AVENGED SEVENFOLD. BRAKING BEMJAMIN delivered with their radio friendly big hits and AVENGED SEVENFOLD delivered with a big stage production, including a huge video screen.

The show stealer on this night may have just been EAGLES OF DEATH METAL. This is a band who undoubtedly received a bump in fame from the unfortunate mass shooting that occurred in Paris, France, but on this night they proved that they will be remembered for so much more than just that isolated and tragic incident. I was curious to see if the band made mention of the incident, but they did not as it appears they have so moved past it and are back to doing what they do best and that is entertain a crowd!

As AVENGED SEVENFOLD closed the festival, and the crowd readied to make its way out the gates for the last time, organizer Derrick Steven’s words from the stage chanting “Every Year” seemed to be the sentiment of everyone at the festival. I hope to see this festival back in 2018 and every year after that!

Photos: H. Mountain JustAFan Concert Photography


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