I was really excited when I heard The Dead Daisies were heading back to Sin City. I was contacted by Chip Ruggieri and his PR firm Chipster PR who referred me as a host to The Dead Daisies management. I was honored to work with a band that I really loved the material for and also was great friends with most of the members.  I interviewed John Corabi who did a stellar interview and I couldn’t wait for the excitement to begin for their show SeptemberIMG_4511 12th downtown at  The Fremont Country Club. The two opening acts consisted of Hookers & Blow and Honor Amongst Thieves. Hookers & Blow members included Dizzy Reed from Guns N’ Roses, my longtime friend Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot, Robbie Crane from Ratt, Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative and sharing vocals was Nadgia ( I hope I spelled her name right!). I also caught up on the night of the show with members of Honor Amongst Thieves and found out my friend Chris Iorio

IMG_4460who I hadn’t seen in years was their guitar player! These guys kicked off the


night with amazing energy and sound and I am confident they will be making big noise in the music industry for years to come. I introduced Dizzy and the Hookers & Blow before they took the stage with an amazing onslaught of Guns N’ Roses tunes. Dizzy confused IMG_4433me with Danielle Steele and asked if I was a romance novelist which I thought was so funny. I wish Dizzy! – I would be richer pumping out romance fantasies than publishing a magazine!  While Hookers & Blow rocked the house, I filmed The Dead Daisies backstage in their dressing room as the guys clowned around and I asked them all kinds of invasive questions LOL. I hadn’t seen Marco, Doug or John in awhile and I found out Marco got married and Doug had a baby since I saw them!

DSC01165They have been busy with more than just music I guess! 

With dazzling personalities and résumés in rock and roll that go on forever, the new music with this band is some of the absolute best on the scene. When I heard the power and amazing songs of this band, I was a huge fan from the start. With John Corabi from Motley Crue, Marco Mendoza from Whitesnake/ Thin Lizzy, Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake and DIO, Deen Castronovo from Journey and David Lowy who founded the band, these guys held nothing back when the power unleashed after I introduced them! I mean, WOW! This new music was amazing from these guys and when they did “Highway Star” I was blown away and I swear they performed it better than Deep Purple did! Dizzy Reed joined the guys onstage for a finale to make it more of a night in rock

DSC01127history in Las Vegas than it already was! And with such talent and enthusiasm, these guys must be the hardest working rock band on the scene! Before the show, the guys did an acoustic set in the afternoon at The Guitar Center for fans and signed autographs, then did their amazing show and then after the show at midnight, they set up a meet and greet for the fans and did even more photos and autographs! They wore me out and I left before they did! LOL. Loyal to their fans, GREAT music, awesome guys – What more couldDSC01141 you ask?!?

If you have not heard this amazing band’s CD, you HAVE to pick it up and give it a listen!

Sally Steele

Photos: Paul ROCK Santos, Sally Steele, Rachel May

Thank you so much to Christopher Engle and Rachel May for helping me film and take photos backstage! And special thanks to Chipster PR and Chip Ruggieri, Mori Ninomiya. Take Out Marketing, David (Tour manager for The Dead Daisies), Andy Frith and Brian Saliba! Everyone did a great job to make the night very special!





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