I’ve been a big fan of Scott Stapp since his days as front man with Creed. So I was really anticipating his show at The Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. First to take the stage was Sunflower Dead. Based out of Southern California. They’ve opened up shows for the likes of Korn, In This Moment, Avatar, and Hellyeah among others. This IMG_7684band what I describe as a hard driving heavy metal like Rock N’ Roll band not only stirred up the crowd, they turned up the heat

IMG_7666inside the Brooklyn Bowl as they performed thirty minutes of their own brand of non stop music which included their latest single releases of “Victim” and “Turn Away”. Sunflower Dead is far from what their band’s name implies.This band is here to stay for a very long time !Next to take the stage was Messer. Based out of my home town of Dallas, Texas.Talking about warming up the packed house inside of the Brooklyn Bowl. I call this band a show stealer. A band that you can’t take your eyes off of when they’re onstage. With three singles already released including “Make This Life”, “Save Myself” and their current single “Simple Man”. All three songs peaked in Billboards top 20.Their entire performance blew me away ! The Sights, The Sound, The Look Of The Band. Messer is the total music experience. After their tour with Scott Stapp ends in a few months from now,I look for Messer to be headlining their own tour next year !As Messer packed up and began to leave the stage.

You could actually feel the anticipation in the air and hear the buzz in the crowd with Scott Stapp taking the stage very soon.When it suddenly happened. The stage lights went dim and brightly colored red and blue Strobe Lights hit the stage and audience. It was time for Scott Stapp to take the stage. And take the stage he did. The smoke, the lights, and the sound that made Scott Stapp one of the leading front men in his time with Creed. After only a few minutes on stage I remember turning to my wife and saying to her that he’s still got that same distinctive voice and carried himself the same way that he did back when he was the voice of Creed. But much Stronger now !Looking slim and in shape. And it shows in his performance. With each song that he and his band performed. In between songs Scott told a short story about his life and how that particular song came to be at that particular time in his life. It was like each song that he sang and performed was a chapter out of his own book of life.Chapter after chapter he sang about his time of being. From the dark days of his life with drug and alcohol abuse and his psychological issues. To his happier time


 now that he shares with his wife and kids and touring once again with his band. To me Scott Stapp and his choice of songs and words that he shared with the audience was all about living a clean and meaningful life. Words that he shared with the Brooklyn Bowl audience included:”We Learn What We Learn From The Prisons Of Our Life’s””There’s No Aimless Existence””I’m Not Going To Pass The Pain Along To My Friends Especially My Children” Pretty Deep And Thought Out Words, Don’t You Think ? And on more than one occasion Scott thanked the crowd for sharing the night with him and his music and on more than one occasion thanked the crowd for singing along with the band with his words: “I Love To Hear Your Voices” Scott mentioned all of the survivors out there more than once. And mentioned all of the children of the world.(His love for children shows in the many charities that he’s involved with) Yes .. Scott Stapp Cares. Scott Stapp Is Back. Better Than Ever !

 As a big music fan, photographer, and entertainment writer I’m always attending music performances and concerts in all kinds of venues. Indoors, outdoors, you name it. I’ve got to hand it to The Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas. My entire music experience at the show was A plus in my eyes. The staff was knowledgeable and very friendly. The bar staff was quick. Never an empty bottle or glass. I love the entire layout of Brooklyn Bowl, The really cool lighting and the wide photographers pit is a plus for us guys and gals in the media. Parking was just around the corner. And Located near the center of the Las Vegas Strip. To me it’s the Perfect Music Venue ! Brooklyn Bowl .. You Rock!

 Gary England

Photos: Paul ROCK SantosIMG_7687

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