March 5th, 2020 is a day I will remember for many reasons. I had been looking forward to seeing The Quireboys for so long after hearing their song “Hey You” on the radio.  Not only was I going to see this amazing British band who I didn’t know much about, but as luck would have it my long time good friends Chaotic Resemblance were the opening band! So I got to Count’s Vamp’d right as Chaotic Resemblance were going on and when Travis McConnell took the stage and I walked up to the front he got this huge smile on his face and high fived me right away. These guys have emerged as a truly amazing band and the best of the best. Their Christian faith shines through their music and they are at the top of their game and can compete with any of the world class top rock acts out there. It was so exciting to see them after so many years and witness intense talent like them onstage. They drove in from Oklahoma and they hadn’t been back to Vegas in years so I lucked out!I had heard a story from Mike Varney that Spike- the lead singer from The Quireboys, that really intrigued me. He told me years ago Spike was walking on crutches and Michael Schenker  said something he didn’t like and punched  Michael out cold. Michael went onstage shortly afterwards and sporting his wounded black eye wrote on his forehead with an arrow pointing down to his eye: “Spike did this to me.” Who was this “Spike” character? I just had to meet this man!As soon as the Quireboys took to the stage, I was blown away with such originality with this British motley crew who reminded me of The Rolling Stones but more melodic. Spike played his harmonica with their amazing hit songs one right after the other, and I was mesmerized. Spike has amazing character and smooth charisma. I was looking forward to going backstage to meet Spike and the guys and Donny DeCecco – manager from Vamp’d said he would take me back to meet Spike after Spike put on his socks. After about thirty minutes Donny took me back and Spike was still pulling up his socks and putting on his cowboy boots.

I was greeted by a friendly English lad with a huge smile on his face. He was kind, courteous and very interested in anything I had to say. I did a brief interview with him just on my phone which I didn’t publish because I was not prepared to do an interview and my professional gear was not with me. But Spike put his arm around me during the interview and gently pulled me close to make sure I was in the close-up frame. He was so charming and sweet… nothing like the bully who would punch out Michael Schenker! I met “Bam” the drummer (who I found out was married to Share from Vixen), and the rest of the band and we hung out quite awhile.The date was March 5th and the Corona Virus was just making a strong showing throughout the United States. Shortly after this night, President Trump declared a pandemic and the rest was history. This night would signify my last night out to see a show and be in public as people everywhere were urged after that to quarantine. My life and everyone else’s would change forever as this epidemic would take control over the world and no one would ever be the same. But with that being said, I was glad I was able to see my dear friends from Chaotic Resemblance and make new friends from The Quireboys.

As I finish this article, I am hopeful and looking forward to being back on “The Streets of Rock n’ Roll” as I always referred to being here in Sin City and seeing the best entertainment in the world. But I can’t help but wonder who, what and how the world will be once it emerges from this terrible plague. Will my friends and family be around? Will I be here? The future remains to be seen as time marches on and the numbers continue to climb of deaths and ill patients. But as I reflect on so many great times and experiences which included this particular night, I will just continue to hope for the best and look to the future as everyone else…

Sally Steele

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